The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of activism, food, and bars. It is also a hub of education institutions. If you are looking for some good colleges in the Bay Area, this article will help you identify the best one for you. There are over 50 universities and colleges in this area.

 Here some of the most reputed colleges in the Bay Area.

  1. Stanford University

Let us start with one of the most influential universities in the world, Stanford. The Leland Stanford Junior University ranks number two in the list of top American universities and for a good reason. The entrepreneurship of its alumni gave birth to the Silicon Valley. To get into Stanford, you need to be smart, hardworking and have an entrepreneurial mind.

  1. University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley is the heart of research in the University of California system. If you love math and technology, this is the right college for you. It has a close relationship with several national laboratories and is also home to some of the most influential institutes. The university counts 107 Nobel laureates as its Alumni.

  1. University of San Francisco

Also known as USF, the University of San Francisco is another sought after institution in the Bay Area. They have close to 230 education programs in its hilltop campus and several others in the downtown campus.

  1. San Francisco Academy of Art

If you are keen towards the arts, San Francisco Academy of Art is the right choice for you. It is a privately owned, for-profit art school in the Bay Area. It has a 100% acceptance rate, but the graduation rates are low.

  1. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

This is a more selective music school with a long history of accomplishments. It accepts only a few students each year.

Depending on your inclination, check out which one offers you the best options.